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Chin Implants | Cheek Implants

Facial implants provide fullness and definition to facial features as well as balance the facial profile. The results of this procedure are permanent. Implants are made of different materials and are custom shaped for a natural looking fit for each face. Implants can be used in many areas of the face.

What are Facial Implants?

Chin Implants are used to create a more prominent chin or to balance a strong nose. Cheek implants provide volume and definition to the face for a healthy, rejuvenating appearance. Implants can also be used under the eyes to fill in a hollow appearance. Lip implants can correct small, thin lips or give the lips a more youthful fullness. Implants are a permanent rejuvenation treatment for the face. The goal of facial implant surgery is to create a natural, youthful appearance with minimal scarring. Changes may be subtle, but can make a profound impact.

Facial Implant Procedure

Chin Implant or Cheek Implant surgery usually takes place in an outpatient surgery center under sedation anesthesia. The procedure is done by making a small incision in a hidden place such as inside the mouth or under the chin. The implant is then custom shaped and secured in place. 

After surgery, there is bruising and swelling for 1 to 2 weeks. Discomfort is very mild and can be controlled with pain medication as needed. Most patients return to work after the first week and should avoid strenuous activity for 3 to 4 weeks.

Why Choose Implants?

  • Provide fullness and definition to facial features
  • Balance the facial profile
  • Correct a weak chin or balance a strong nose
  • Give definition and provide volume to the face
  • Correct small thin lips or provide plump fullness
  • Provide fullness to hollow under eyes