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Ear Lobe Procedures | Stretched or Torn Ear Lobes

Ear lobe appearance may be affected by aging, stretching by earrings or grommets, or earring tears of the lobe. Treatment can easily be performed under local anestehsia.

What are Ear Lobe Procedures?

Ear Lobe procedures correct enlarged, droopy, or thin lobes and achieve a smooth contour. Stretched out or torn ear lobes from earrings require closure and repiercing after 6 weeks. Grommet holes are created by progressive stretching of the ear lobes with grommets. Removal of smaller grommets will usually cause the ear lobe to contract to a normal shape. Occasionally, larger grommet holes are not able to contract and require reconstruction of the ear lobe. This is usually a 2 stage procedure.

Ear Lobe Procedures

Ear lobe procedures are done under local anesthesia. Treating the appearance of the ear lobe reduces effects of aging, stretching, or trauma from tearing. 

Insurance does not usually provide coverage for cosmetic correction of earring holes. However, for larger ear lobe repairs due to traumatic tears or even grommet holes, insurance coverage may be able to be obtained.

Why Choose Ear Lobe Procedures?

  • Enlarged ear lobes, stretched ear lobes
  • Tear to the ear lobe caused by trauma
  • Grommet holes
  • Correct sagging, stretched or torn lobe
  • Achieve a smooth contour with repair
  • Insurance coverage may be possible to be obtained