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Surgical EnhancementRevitalize & Rejuvenate

  • Otoplasty

    Otoplasty is a surgery that reshapes the ears. This is effective in correcting ear lobe aging, prominent ears, or ear folding. Ears will be reshaped to a more natural appearance. Read More
  • Facial Implants

    Facial implants, such as chin and cheek implants, are used to provide fullness and definition to the face. Cheek implants provides a more voluminous look with improved definition to the face. Chin implants can provide for a more prominent chin and can balance out a strong nose. Read More
  • Lip Enhancement

    With the use of fillers, such as restylane or juvederm, or soft lip implants, lip enhancement can be used to combat creases and volume loss, natural effects of aging. Wrinkled or deflated appearances of the lip can be addressed with lip enhancement. Read More
  • Ear Lobe Procedures

    Ear lobe procedures address issues with ear lobe appearance due to aging, stretching, or earring tears. Read More
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