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Laser Treatment

Laser treatments are used for tightening and smoothing of the skin. The laser target red capillaries and spider veins as well as brown spots caused by sun damage or aging. The laser light can produce improvement of capillary vessels on the face, redness of scars, or eliminate brown spots on the skin.

What are Laser Treatments?

Laser treatments target areas of sun damage or aging in the form of red capillaries, brown spots, or spider veins. The laser light can diminish appearance of scars, eliminate brown spots and spider veins, tighten and smooth the skin.

Laser Treatment

Laser treatments of the face and neck create microperforations in the superficial layers of skin. The energy delivered to the deeper layers cause tightening of the skin and leave smooth skin.

After a brief treatment, the treated skin turns a brownish tint and falls off after about one week. The newly healed skin remains red for a few weeks depending on the intensity of treatment and patient's unique skin features.

Why Choose Laser Treatment?

  • Target red capillaries, spider veins, and brown spots caused by sun damage and aging
  • Resurface the skin to tighten and smooth
  • Laser Treatment removes the outer layers of skin leaving smooth skin