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Tonsillectomy is the surgical removal of the tonsils. Through the years, tonsillectomy has been a common operation performed primarily on children but also commonly on adults for chronic and recurrent infections of the tonsils.

Coblation Subtotal Tonsillectomy is performed under general anesthesia. This procedure has eliminated the risks of severe postoperative pain and hemmorhage by leaving a thin layer of the tonsil preserving the underlying muscles, nerves, and blood vessels. Recovery from subtotal tonsillectomy is also remarkably different from total tonsillectomy. The patient’s pain control is easily managed with Vicodin. In fact, most patients do not take Vicodin regularly every four hours as would be required with severe pain. Most patients’ intake of Vicodin is on the average only two tablets daily. Use of narcotic pain medication lasts approximately three to six days. Furthermore, return to regular diet occurs anywhere from three to five days after surgery. In contrast, the total tonsillectomy in adults requires pain management of seven to ten days and return to regular diet anywhere from five to 14 days.

Tonsillectomy Surgery explained by Dr Simon Madorsky

"In my personal experience, it took me at least five years to achieve proficiency with the operation and another five years to perfect it. The challenge of the procedure lies in the fact that leaving too much tonsilar tissue can result in persistence and recurrence of tonsillitis infections. With using the Coblation Subtotal Tonsillectomy, I have not re-operated on a tonsil patient."