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Nasal Fracture Repair

Nasal Fracture Repair is necessary when there is significant damage to the nasal bones where it would cause breathing difficulties or will not heal properly. The nasal fracture may have been described as an open or closed fracture. An open nasal fracture means the skin is injured when the nose is broken and a closed nasal fracture means the nasal bones broke with no injury to the skin.

Nasal fracture repair is performed under general or sedation anesthesia. Nasal fracture repair involves returning nasal bones to their proper position. In some cases, nasal fracture repair will include Septoplasty to repair a deviated septum.

Recovery Instructions following Nasal Fracture Repair

There may be some drainage for the first few days following surgery. Expect for some bruising and swelling around the nose and eyes to last up to one week. You will have a cast on the bridge of your nose for the first week. Your nose will reach full strength in 6 weeks.