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CT Guided Sinus Surgery

CT Guided Sinus Surgery opens swollen or blocked sinus passages by using. Small instruments are used to remove sinus tissue and open blocked sinus passages improving breathing.

A CT Scan is usually taken prior to surgery to obtain an overview of the sinuses. Surgery is done under general anesthesia. Using a computer, specialized software, and a CT Scan of the sinuses, Dr Madorsky has a three dimensional road map of your sinuses to guide directly to the effected areas.

Recovery Instructions following CT Guided Sinus Surgery

Following surgery there is usually soft packing in one or both nostrils overnight to absorb any oozing for a few days. Once removed, daily sinus rinses and the use of a humidifier is recommended for a short time to prevent and treat crusting. Air flow improves and mucus begins to drain normally. Sinus infections are reduced.