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Current Healthcare Problems - Uninsured

One of the most tragic stories we hear is an individual who is struck with a terrible illness that requires expensive treatments forcing the individual into financial ruin. These stories are very rare, and, in fact, most of us had not known anyone who was financially ruined. Why?


The Current Healthcare System

Fortunately for patients and their physicians, the healthcare system offers vast majority of U.S. residents access to state-of-the art treatments. Whether it is a liver transplant or balloon sinuplasty, most of us have access to all of the extraordinary treatments currently available in this country. Access is not affected by socio-economic class of the patient as long as the patient has private insurance or Medicare.


Current Healthcare Problems - Uninsured Access to Care

The uninsured have no access to healthcare. Do they get treated? Actually healthcare can be much less expensive than health insurance as most individuals have figured out. If they do not want to pay the $100 to see the doctor, they can visit the local ER where they will be evaluated and frequently treated without payment.


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